Maahmaahyo soomaaliyeed English loo tarjumay

 Sida aan ognahay maahmaahyada soomaaliyeed aad ayay xigmad badan yihiin waxay leeyihiin murti aad u sarrayso, haddaba halkaan akhriso maahmaahyo xul ah oo loo tarjumay afka eglish ka

Intaadan fallin ka fiirso
Look before you leap ( Consider all aspects of a situation before you take any action)

Idho jaceyl isma eegaan
Eyes in love do not dare to stare at each other (lovers’ eyes are bashful)

Hadal waa margoo kale
Speach is like a tough bite of meat ‘tendon’

Qof aan dhididini ma dhego
A person who doesn’t sweat, does not get his/her fill

Gar iyo geeri loo siman
Death and justice affect all men equally

Rag haween ayaa kala hor mariya
It’s the women who make some men succeed where others fail

Nin geed gali jirey geed loo ma galo
Don’t expect to ambush an expert ambusher! ( Don’t try to cheat someone with the trick that’s already known)

Naag la’aani waa naf la’aan
To be without a woman is to be without life (this indicates the crucial importance of a woman’s support)

Talo xumo tog baas bay kaa riddaa
Bad counsel may cause you to fall into an abyss

Nin is waalaba waabiyaa hela
The aggressive man ultimately encounters a more aggressive man

Aaddane eed ma waayo
Human beings are never without a fault

Haween la’aani waa hoy la’aan
Where there are no women, there is no home (no women means no shelter; therefore, as they are the main pillars of the society then without them there is no means of joyous life)

Baahi badan, baryo badan, iyo bukaan badanba waa laysku nacaa
Both excessive needliness, too much begging and chronic ill-health can create undo resentment in others

Gari Illaheed bay taqaan
Justice knows its God only (justice is justice and it must be served justly and equally to all men)

Nin rag ah haweentii ka adag, doqonna isgaa ka adag
A good man may be controlled by his wife, while lesser man dominates his

Barasho horteed ha I nicin
Get to know me, before you reject me ( don’t hate and stereotype something or someone before you get to know)

Waari mayside war hakaa hadho You won’t last so leave a legacy

Waano abuur baa ka horeysay Character bests advice (a person cannot change his/her basic character once it has been formed and counseling never change such person’s behavior)

Guri ann hooyo lahayni waa lama degaan
A home without a mother is like a desert (mother makes home trustworthy, happier and lovable; without her, it’s dark, fearful and very horrible to live in)

Rag waxaa u liita ma toshe, ma tashade iyo ma tashiishe
The worst man is he who never sews, never consults and never economizes ( There is no social value for he who can’t consult his mind, can’t manage his assets wisely or can’t help himself otherwise)

Been fakatay runi ma gaarto
The truth can never catch up with a propagated lie (be proactive instead of being reactive)

Fari qorrax ma qariso
A mere finger can’t obscure the sun ( one can not hide the truth by deception alone

Af jooga loo adeego
You shouldn’t speak for one who’s present

Nin ann dhul marini dhaayo maleh
He who has not traveled has no understanding (travel enhances one’s experience and wisdom)

Meel waa laga muuqdaa ama waa laga maqnaadaa
At your niche, either make your presence known or stay away (be active or better be absent)

Sirow ma hodmo
A deceiver never prospers ( a cheater never succeeds)

Samataliye sedkii waa janno
To advice good is true faith

Xoolo rag farana ka tirsan feerana ka sisaaban
Men’s wealth is countable by hand and remembered by heart

Runi rag kama nixiso
The truth dones not make men squirm

Qof kuu digey kuma dilin
 He who warns in advance is not likely to kill you (The man who fore-warns you is like the one who saves your life; someone who gives you a verbal warning beofre starting any hostilities with you cannot be blammed for harming you afterwards. if one admonishes you before he/she does harm to you, is the one who must be listened with care and left alone in peace; otherwise you will share the blame with him/her if anything untoward happens)

Hadal badan haan ma buuxsho
Too much talk doesn’t not fill vessel (talkativeness with no reasoning is always useless)

Af qoyani hadal ma daayo
A living mouth does not give up talk

Sir naagood lama sal gaaro Women’s deception has no bottom

Dagaal nin aan aqoon baa ku orda
A men who doesn’t know about war is likely the one who rushes ot it

Dhamman wixii dhalaala dheemman ma aha  all that glitters ain’t diamond

Talo haddii aad u baahan tahay booqo maamulka talooyin

Haddii aad xaas leedahay booqo

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