Tumblr photo blog and text

Popular among visual bloggers (those who post artwork, photography, and design-themed content, and are light on text), Tumblr is a decent place for beginners and microbloggers to get their feet wet and post rapidly. A too-graphical interface may slow down anyone who's new to the site, and lack of fine controls will frustrate more experienced bloggers. Tumblr is highly similar to Posterous in that it aims to get new bloggers up and running very quickly—within minutes. Both simplify the process of designing and maintaining a blog for ultra beginners. If you want to rid your site of the tumblr.com domain name, you'll have to take care of the details yourself elsewhere, as Tumblr won't do it for you.

Talo haddii aad u baahan tahay booqo maamulka talooyin


Haddii aad xaas leedahay booqo

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