magacyada wiilasha M

Mahdi – Guided to the right path
Mahir – Skilled
Mahmud, Mahmoud – The praised one; variation of the name “Muhammad”
Maimun – Lucky
Majdy – Glorious
Majid al Din – Glory of the Faith
Majid, Majd – Glorious
Makin – Strong, firm
Malik – Master, angel, king
Mamdouh – One who is commended, praised, glorified
Ma’mun – Trustworthy
Ma’n – Benefit
Mansur – Divinely aided
Marid – Rebellious
Marzuq – Blessed by God, fortunate
Mash’al – Torch
Mas’ud – Fortunate, happy, lucky
Mazin – Proper name
Misbah – Lamp
Mohammed – Praised; from “Muhammad”, name of the Prophet (pbuh)
Mu’adh – Protected
Mu’awiyah – Young fox (first Umayyad Kalifah)
Mu’ayyad – Supported
Mubarak – Happy, blessed
Mufid, Mufeed – Useful
Muhammad – Praised; the name of the Prophet (pbuh)
Muhanned – Sword
Muhsin – Beneficient, charitable
Muhtadi – Rightly guided
Mujahid – Fighter (in the way of Allah)
Mukhtar – Chosen
Mundhir – Warner, cautioner
Munir, Muneer – Brilliant, shining
Muntasir – Victorious
Murtadi, Murtadhy – Satisfied, content
Musa, Moosa – A Prophet’s name (Moses)
Mus’ad – Unfettered camel
Muslim – Submitting oneself to God
Mustafa – Chosen one
Muta – Obeyed
Mu’tasim – Adhering (to faith, to God)
Mu’tazz – Proud, mighty
Muti – Obedient
Muwaffaq – Successful

Talo haddii aad u baahan tahay booqo maamulka talooyin

Haddii aad xaas leedahay booqo

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