magacyada wiilasha F

Fadi – Redeemer
Fadil – Generous, honorable
Fahd, Fahad – Lynx
Faisal, Faysal – Decisive
Fakhir – Proud, excellent
Fakhiri, Fakhry – Honorary
Fakih – Legal expert; one who recites the Qu’ran
Farid, Fareed – Unique
Fariq, Fareeq – Lieutenant General
Faris – Horseman, knight
Faruq, Farooq – One who distinguishes truth from falsehood
Fath – Victory
Fatin, Fateen – Clever, smart
Fawwaz – Successful
Ferran – Baker
Fida – Redemption, sacrifice
Firas – Perspicacity
Fouad – Heart
Fudail – Excellent in character

Talo haddii aad u baahan tahay booqo maamulka talooyin

Haddii aad xaas leedahay booqo

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